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Scary Moving Stories That Will Make You Run to St. Louis Movers

Moving to a new home is always a daunting task. Preparing for all the changes, getting your house all packed up, and ensuring your belongings are safely delivered to your new home can be a really stressful process.

Our St. Louis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know that moving can be a hassle. We offer moving and packing services in St. Louis so you can relax and focus on the important aspects of your move. The most important part of the moving process is being prepared. Here are a few scary moving stories we’ve heard that we hope will convince you to take your moving needs seriously.

There are many people who feel that they will save money if they move on their own. In theory, this may be true, but many times items get damaged and injuries occur. One person recounts the time they tried to move on their own, but their couch was stuck in a stairwell, so they had to call movers to come help them move it out. Calling St. Louis movers at the last minute or for an emergency will be much more expensive than creating a moving plan, so make sure you measure all your exits and entryways and plan before moving on your own.

Be sure you get a binding quote in person from your reputable St. Louis movers. Some movers will quote you one price on the phone and then add on to that once they arrive at your home. One recent mover recounts how he was given an estimate over the phone that wasn’t binding, and they increased his quote more than 50% when they arrived at his home. Make sure you get this quote in person so your St. Louis movers can see your belongings and give a fair estimate.

Another recent mover recounts how her belongings were delayed for months because the company had lied to her about how long it would take to deliver her items. Make sure you talk to your moving company and get an exact date of estimated arrival. Give yourself a couple of days in case of unanticipated delays. Ultimately, make sure your St. Louis movers are reputable and check out online reviews before you confirm your decision.

Take special care of your valuables. One recent mover remembers during a long distance move that her box of family Christmas ornaments went missing and was never recovered. Make sure your valuables are safe with reputable St. Louis movers!

All My Sons Moving & Storage St. Louis offers moving and packing services that are customizable to your needs. We ensure timely delivery and quality service while saving you and your family time, money, and stress. Avoid the horror stories and call us today!



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