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Recycling After Moving: How to Reuse Packing Products

Just done with your big move? Chances are you’ll have a lot of cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, and all sorts of used packing supplies lying around. While we all know what to do with the bubble wrap and chances are you’ve already popped it up, other packing supplies often end up in the trash. Instead, experts at the St Louis moving company All My Sons have some great tips for you on how you can reuse packing products.

1. Repurpose Them

One of the easiest ways to reuse packing products is to repurpose them. For example, save some paper to wrap up fragile items for seasonal storage or other moving occasions. You can also use smaller boxes to store items in your attic or garage. Plus, cardboard is great for some amazing, homemade gift wrap.

2. Give to Friends and Family

If you know someone that is moving soon, ask them if they are going to need some packing supplies. A great way to pass your packing products on to someone is via social media. A short Facebook post asking your friends whether they need packing products won’t harm anyone.

3. Store for Later Use

The best way to reuse packing products, as shared by our St Louis moving company, is to actually reuse them. You never know when you might need packing supplies, so you can store them instead of throwing them out in the trash. Allocate a corner of your office, attic, or garage and store them for later use.

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