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It’s no secret that packing and moving to another home can be a pain. However, this task can suddenly become a lot easier with the proper packing supplies. It’s essential to plan ahead with the quantity of items you will be transferring to your new home, so you can buy the right amount of packing supplies. Your St. Louis movers have put together a helpful list of the proper packing supplies in St. Louis needed to make your move as easy as possible.

Boxes of Various Sizes

You will need to find boxes of all sizes to accommodate your unique items. When packing, try to load your smaller boxes with heavier items and your large boxes with lightweight items. This will ease the moving process when carrying the boxes. We suggest filling each box with as much items as you can to reduce the number of boxes you will end up needing.


Another major packing supply you will need during your move is tape. You want to purchase different kinds of tape such as shipping tape, duct tape, and masking tape to satisfy your packing needs. Masking tape works great for labels, which you will need on every box. Duct tape is used for closing heavier boxes and ensuring the best durability.

Scissors, Box Cutters, and Sharpies

Don’t forget these essential items when moving to a new home. Scissors and box cutters will be needed once you are moved in and ready to start the unpacking process. Sharpies work best when making labels for your items.

Packing materials such as bubble wrap and newspaper are perfect for ensuring the safety of precious items. Make sure to include these items on your check-list when preparing for the big move!



Packing up each room in your house requires preparation and planning, however packing a baby’s room for your next move requires special attention and care. You want to create an organized system for packing that does not affect your baby’s sleeping and eating schedule. Your St. Louis packing company All My Sons Moving & Storage offers these great tips and tricks for the best way to stay organized when packing a baby’s room during the moving process.

Create a Necessities Box

You want to reserve a special box that has all your baby’s necessities included in it. By labeling this box you will know exactly where to access the most important items that your baby will need once you officially made the move. These important items include diapers, wipes, formula, 2-3 outfits, and your baby bathtub. You want to fill this box completely with items you normally have in your diaper bag so you can stay organized within the first 24 hours of the move.

Stick to your Routine

Even though we suggest you create a moving checklist in preparation for the big move, it’s important to not let the packing get in the way of you and your baby’s daily routine. You want to space out the tasks needed to be completed in the room so it does not happen all at once. Packing the room in one sitting can cause chaos and added stress to you and your baby.

Ultimately, we recommend taking your time when packing your baby’s room to stay organized and to keep a normal schedule for your baby.



Making the decision to move is both an exciting and stressful time. The opportunity to relocate to a new home and create unique memories doesn’t overshadow the fact that work must be done to get from point A to point B. Some people opt for contracting full service movers in St. Louis, while others choose to go the DIY route and renting a moving truck. Here are the pros and cons of each:

Pros and Cons of Renting a Truck
The benefit to renting a truck or van for your move is that you have total control over the moving process, and are in possession of your valuables at all times. Rental trucks are also yours for the day or the duration of time that you choose to rent them for. If anything occurs to delay your move, there’s no need to rush as you have a larger window to transport your belongings.

Unfortunately, unless you contract All My Sons’ St. Louis packing service, you’ll be tasked with boxing your items, loading them onto the truck and transporting them to the new destination. Additionally, you’ll have to return the truck to the rental company or incur additional fees. Individuals who choose to rent a moving truck will also have to list any and everyone who will be driving the vehicle for insurance purposes. Anyone not listed will not be legally able to drive the truck and if anything were to happen where a second unlisted driver takes the wheel, they would be liable for any all damages that occur.

Pros and Cons of Using Full Service Movers in St. Louis

Full service movers in St. Louis relieve individuals of the burden that comes with physically packing and transporting their belongings. Moving is a burdensome experience that professionals are trained to perform more efficiently and effectively than DIY movers. With industry experts, there’s nothing for individuals to worry about except settling into their new home.

The main con with using St. Louis moving and packing professionals is that the price of services can be a bit high, depending on the weight of what’s being moved and how far it’s going. Fortunately, our moving team can discuss a plan that fits within your budget.

Millions of Americans move every year. If you’re one of them, you’re probably looking for ways to make your move eco-friendlier. At All My Sons Moving & Storage. We offer St. Louis packing services that are all about the green initiative. For those attempting a DIY move, these tips will help you along the road to eco-friendly moving.

Talk to your St. Louis Moving company

When planning an eco-friendly move, contact your St. Louis packing professionals about their moving techniques. Find out what sort of packing products  they prefer, and whether they use trucks that have high fuel emission rates. If you’re opting to forego packing services and want to do things yourself, find out if they sell eco-friendly packing products.

Determine if you have suitable packing supplies in your home

The best way to move “green” is to pack your belongings in items that you already own. If you’ve stored away the boxes that came with your electronics or other products, they can be repurposed for your move. Simply reinforce them with packing peanuts or foam for safe transport. For a less secure, but alternative approach to filling in space, use clothing such as t-shirts and sweaters to fill the space in between items.

Map your transportation plan

The fewer trips you must take between moving, the better. All My Sons’ St. Louis packing services come highly recommended for their ability to get the items in a home packed and transported to the next destination with as few trips as possible. This means fewer chemical emissions are being released into the air during the moving process. Using quality packing products, pack your belongings to fit tightly and securely into the truck. Try to limit your trips to no more than two.

After moving to St. Louis, the last thing you want to do is unpack your belongings. If you’ve taken advantage of our reputable St. Louis packing services at All My Sons Moving & Storage then you’ll have expert St. Louis movers at your disposal. Still, when settling into a new home, you need to get things organized regardless of who’s doing the unpacking.

One of the rooms that requires a great deal of organization is the garage. Typically, a resort for unwanted junk, the garage often becomes incredibly cluttered over time. For homeowners, there’s no better time to organize a garage than immediately after moving in.

Sort your possessions

Before placing items from your old garage into the new one, separate your belongings into groups. For items that are no longer used, consider creating a donation pile. The same goes for items that are seasonal or for yard maintenance.

Use space saving techniques

The St. Louis packing services offered by All My Sons is centered around efficiency and organization. When organizing your garage, it’s important to mimic this mentality. Invest in peg boards as an inexpensive and effective way to organize tools and other items.

Installing shelves and cabinets will also help to organize your larger items. Use this for paint cans, boxes and other items you wish to keep out of the way.

Place seasonal items near the back

Items such as holiday decorations, outdoor equipment or anything else that you won’t utilize on a regular basis should be stored away from the area of the garage you will be using the most. For example, snow-blowers, lawnmowers, winter coats, shovels, etc.

Moving day approaching and the task of packing up your belongings becomes more of an urgency. Packing for a move in or out of St. Louis is not on anyone’s list of favorite things to do, which is why they typically call All My Sons Moving & Storage for a reputable St. Louis packing service to take the load of their hands. However, if you’re in the minority of people who do enjoy or want to pack themselves, then it’s important to know how to pack boxes like a St. Louis mover.

  1. Medium Cardboard Boxes

The professionals that provide our St. Louis packing service use medium boxes to hold heavier items such as books and other media. These moving boxes are easier to carry heavy loads as opposed to larger boxes.

  1. Large Cardboard Boxes

Professionals prefer to use these boxes for bulky kitchen accessories, pots and pans, small appliances, and toys.

  1. Extra Large Cardboard Boxes

Our team places bulkier items in these boxes. This includes linens, towels, or other lightweight large items. These boxes are spacious, but the contents are lighter in weight than medium or large boxes for easy carrying.

  1. Corrugated Carton Boxes

St. Louis packing service professionals use corrugated carton boxes due to the sturdy, double-walled construction, making it suitable for china and glassware.

  1. Wardrobe Box

This specialty packing product can transport clothing from the closet. What makes this box ideal is that it comes equipped with a hanger bar, making it easy to transfer clothing both in and out.

  1. Flat Screen TV Box

As the name suggests, St. Louis packing service professionals use this specialized packing product to safely transport expensive flat screen televisions.

Hiring professional packing services in St. Louis poses numerous benefits. By having a packing expert by your side, you’ll be safe in knowing that your items are packed the proper way. What’s more, having someone else pack your stuff will save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration. Nevertheless, some people tend to prefer doing the packing themselves simply because they aren’t able to entrust others with their belongings. If this is you, our St Louis movers have some great tips on just how to hire professional packing services.

1. Pack your jewelry beforehand.  

Professional packers typically don’t want to take the fall for packing jewelry, which is why you will always have to pack your jewelry yourself. So, no matter if you hire packing services in St. Louis and moving services as well, you will still need to pack your jewelry yourself, and keep it in a small box or bag at all times, so you don’t lose it.

2. Clean up your house before the packers arrive.

Another way to prepare before the packing service guys arrive is to clean your house beforehand. Make sure to clean up just as if you were expecting guests. But don’t shove everything into the cupboard! Instead, organize your items a bit, so that the job of the professional packers will be easier.

3. Take inventory of your most important, large items and appliances

Most packing services in St. Louis include unpacking as well. In order to make sure that you have everything upon arrival to your new home, make sure that you take inventory before it is all packed away, so you know what is missing, if anything, when everything is unpacked.

Just done with your big move? Chances are you’ll have a lot of cardboard boxes, packing peanuts, and all sorts of used packing supplies lying around. While we all know what to do with the bubble wrap and chances are you’ve already popped it up, other packing supplies often end up in the trash. Instead, experts at the St Louis moving company All My Sons have some great tips for you on how you can reuse packing products.

1. Repurpose Them

One of the easiest ways to reuse packing products is to repurpose them. For example, save some paper to wrap up fragile items for seasonal storage or other moving occasions. You can also use smaller boxes to store items in your attic or garage. Plus, cardboard is great for some amazing, homemade gift wrap.

2. Give to Friends and Family

If you know someone that is moving soon, ask them if they are going to need some packing supplies. A great way to pass your packing products on to someone is via social media. A short Facebook post asking your friends whether they need packing products won’t harm anyone.

3. Store for Later Use

The best way to reuse packing products, as shared by our St Louis moving company, is to actually reuse them. You never know when you might need packing supplies, so you can store them instead of throwing them out in the trash. Allocate a corner of your office, attic, or garage and store them for later use.

Whether you love winter or not, the locals in St. Louis look forward to spring. Letting us finally get out of our homes and surrounding us with greenery and flowers, the season is also amazing due to its chilly winds and sunny days. All My Sons’ St. Louis moving company is thrilled to move families to town during spring when the weather is nicer, and our team of movers have this short list of fun, outdoor spring activities in St. Louis to check out after we get you settled into your new home.

1. Gardening

A fun family activity that also helps the environment, is gardening. Go to the local hardware store that sells plants and let your family pick out their favorite plants and flowers, then go home and plant them together. Gardening is great for younger kids, will help them feel like they are a part of decorating their new home, and it is an easy, fun outdoor spring activity to do in St. Louis.

2. Go for a Jog

There’s nothing better than the natural high of running. And what better time to run than springtime? Make it a new hobby or resolution to go jogging after moving and you’ll feel great about your new town, and your new goals!

3. Visit a Local Farm to see the Animals

If you are looking for something more exciting, take your family out to a local farm to see the animals.

4. Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in St. Louis is fun for the whole family! Get out of the house, in-tune with nature, and play with animals during this awesome, outdoor activity.

If you are doing a small move and won’t need a moving truck, you might as well use your car. Especially if you have a big trunk, your car might be the only thing you need to safely transport items wherever you need to transport them. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a top moving company in the area, and while we would love for you to opt for moving services all the time, we understand that sometimes you have to move using your own means of transportation. So, here are some 5 ways to efficiently pack your car when moving to St. Louis, Missouri.

1. Determine What Goes Where

Depending on how much you are trying to move with your car, will determine whether or not you will need to devise a plan for how to pack your car as efficiently as possible to fit everything in it. Try fitting smaller items on the floor, front floor seat and seat, then back seat, then truck – almost like a Tetris puzzle.
2. Vacuum Seal Your Storage Bags

A great way to save up some space and fit items in your car is to vacuum seal your storage bags. This is a perfect strategy, especially for blankets or clothes since they are large and take up a lot of space when left naturally fluffy. Put them in vacuum sealed bags to save space when moving to St. Louis.

3. Use Bags Instead of Boxes

Boxes are bulky. Instead, try to use bags. This will help you pack your car more efficiently and save some space so you can fit more.

4. Use the Smallest of Boxes, if Necessary

In case you need to use boxes to protect fragile items, make sure to use the smallest of boxes, or boxes that are just large enough to fit the item.

5. Pro Tip: Make Use of Hidden Spaces

Another efficient way to pack your car for moving is to us the hidden spaces in your car, which most people forget about when packing. For example, you can put smaller items or water bottles underneath the front seats. What’s more, the wheel wells in the trunk are perfect for storing bags of clothes. You can even use the area around the spare tire, if necessary.