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3 Must Have Packing Supplies for Storage Units

Temporarily storing your items in a storage unit during the moving process can be a lifesaver. No matter the size or climate conditions of your storage unit, you will need the proper packing supplies for keeping your valuable items in top condition. When it comes to storage units in St. Louis, your St. Louis movers give you the 3 must have packing supplies that are essential for your moving journey.


Labeling each box that you want to store in the unit is so crucial for an efficient and stress-free moving experience. You will never remember where you specifically placed certain boxes even if the space is small, so you want to speed up the location process with labels. They will save you lots of time that you will need!

Moving blankets

Another must have packing supply for storage units is moving blankets. These blankets are used to cover furniture, glass, and other fragile items when in storage. This is a great solution for keeping your valuable items safe and secure if the climate conditions are not ideal in your unit. Dust accumulates very easily in storage units, so moving blankets are a great way to prevent extra dust and dirt from piling on items.

Heavy-duty bubble wrap

The last must have packing supply for your storage unit is heavy-duty bubble wrap. We suggest investing in heavy-duty wrap to ensure added protection for all your items. This wrap works best for valuables that are extremely fragile and can easily be broken. This will also be helpful for holding items in place while in storage.



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