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Packing Service Guide: Which Rooms to Pack First

If you are getting ready to move, the packing process can be very tiring. It’s important that you stay organized and that you design a strategic plan for each room in your home. What matters the most is that you prioritize your packing efforts, set up reasonable deadlines for their completion, and stay focused the whole time. Our St. Louis packing services offered at All My Sons Moving & Storage cover all packing and moving needs so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

Start with rooms that are used the least

When it comes time to pack up your entire home, you should start with rooms that your family members do not spend a lot of time in. Your dining room and other areas with fragile and valuable items are probably not utilized often, so we suggest you begin your packing efforts here. You can then start to tackle your garage and attic since these areas probably do not contain essential items that you will need leading up to moving day.

Kitchen and Living Room

Now it’s time to start packing your kitchen and living room. You should go through your refrigerator and get rid of all expired food and items that won’t make it on the moving journey a couple days or weeks before the scheduled moving day. In your living room, try and pack your electronics in the original box they came in for the best protection, or check out our guide to packing electronics. Make sure to pack your furniture with moving pads as well.


Finally, you should pack up your bedroom. Naturally, this room contains the most essential items and it only makes sense to tackle this room last. With our St. Louis packing services, you can leave your clothing in your dressers and we’ll move them for you!

We hope this packing service guide helps you during your next move! Contact All My Sons today to learn more about our services.


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