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How to Stay Organized When Packing a Baby’s Room

Packing up each room in your house requires preparation and planning, however packing a baby’s room for your next move requires special attention and care. You want to create an organized system for packing that does not affect your baby’s sleeping and eating schedule. Your St. Louis packing company All My Sons Moving & Storage offers these great tips and tricks for the best way to stay organized when packing a baby’s room during the moving process.

Create a Necessities Box

You want to reserve a special box that has all your baby’s necessities included in it. By labeling this box you will know exactly where to access the most important items that your baby will need once you officially made the move. These important items include diapers, wipes, formula, 2-3 outfits, and your baby bathtub. You want to fill this box completely with items you normally have in your diaper bag so you can stay organized within the first 24 hours of the move.

Stick to your Routine

Even though we suggest you create a moving checklist in preparation for the big move, it’s important to not let the packing get in the way of you and your baby’s daily routine. You want to space out the tasks needed to be completed in the room so it does not happen all at once. Packing the room in one sitting can cause chaos and added stress to you and your baby.

Ultimately, we recommend taking your time when packing your baby’s room to stay organized and to keep a normal schedule for your baby.



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