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Keep That Pet Hair Under Control This Spring

Spring is upon us! For most of us, this is one of the happiest times of the year. We look forward to fresh starts, beautiful weather and flowers blooming. Unfortunately for pet owners, spring can bring about a different feeling. Yes, spring is shedding season for pets and it spells dread! For those pet owners out there, especially those moving with pets, this means constantly cleaning your clothes, floors and carpets. Your Local Ballwin movers have some tips to help you keep your pet’s hair under control this spring.

A vacuum is your best friend, especially during the spring. When moving with pets and living with pets in general for that matter, you’ll find yourself chasing your pet constantly trying to keep things clean. After moving to a new home, invest in a good vacuum right away.  Vacuums will help pick up your pet’s fur from the furniture and floors quicker and faster than if you were to do so by hand. There are several vacuums that have been developed specifically with pet owners in mind. Some vacuums come equipped with specialty dog attachments to catch loose hair right from the source. Local Ballwin movers suggest easing your dog into this feature as they may be afraid of the vacuum at first. However, once your dog is used to the machine, it should be much easier for you to clean up hair in your home.

Bathing your pet on a consistent basis can also help to catch a lot of their shedding. The warmth of a bath will help to loosen any hair that is about to fall off. There are a few shampoos and brushes designed to help you catch even more hair during bath time. As a final safety net, give your pet a light blow dry to help pull away any hairs that may be left on their coat. Once again, your pet may be afraid of this process at first, so it is best to ease them into the idea.

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