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Eco Friendly Packing Services in St. Louis

Millions of Americans move every year. If you’re one of them, you’re probably looking for ways to make your move eco-friendlier. At All My Sons Moving & Storage. We offer St. Louis packing services that are all about the green initiative. For those attempting a DIY move, these tips will help you along the road to eco-friendly moving.

Talk to your St. Louis Moving company

When planning an eco-friendly move, contact your St. Louis packing professionals about their moving techniques. Find out what sort of packing products  they prefer, and whether they use trucks that have high fuel emission rates. If you’re opting to forego packing services and want to do things yourself, find out if they sell eco-friendly packing products.

Determine if you have suitable packing supplies in your home

The best way to move “green” is to pack your belongings in items that you already own. If you’ve stored away the boxes that came with your electronics or other products, they can be repurposed for your move. Simply reinforce them with packing peanuts or foam for safe transport. For a less secure, but alternative approach to filling in space, use clothing such as t-shirts and sweaters to fill the space in between items.

Map your transportation plan

The fewer trips you must take between moving, the better. All My Sons’ St. Louis packing services come highly recommended for their ability to get the items in a home packed and transported to the next destination with as few trips as possible. This means fewer chemical emissions are being released into the air during the moving process. Using quality packing products, pack your belongings to fit tightly and securely into the truck. Try to limit your trips to no more than two.

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