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5 Packing Secrets You Didn’t Know About | St. Louis Movers

Packing may be the worst part of moving. Our St. Louis movers understand the stress that goes into packing up all your belongings to relocate to your new home. We offer top quality packing supplies to help you keep your belongings safe. We have learned a lot of best practices in our decades of experience both with moving and packing services. Here are five packing secrets you probably never thought of to make your move that much easier.

  1. Garbage Bags are your friend.

You can use garbage bags to save time and money in your move. No need to pay for expensive wardrobe boxes when you have garbage bags on hand! Simply group hanging items of clothing together and pull a garbage bag over them from the bottom. Tie it at the top and voila! You are done packing your closet.

  1. Save those toilet paper rolls

Everything you own has its own plug, charger, and other cords. Keep them organized during your move with… you guessed it! Toilet paper rolls. Instead of recycling them right away, hold on to them for your move to keep your cords wrapped up and save you time when you start unpacking at your new home. Tape them to their appliance for easy set up as well.

  1. Stock up on plastic wrap

Plastic wrap can be used to prevent spills from your cleaning supplies and toiletries. Uncap them, cover the top with clear plastic wrap and then reseal the cap tight. This will keep your boxes of toiletries safe and spill free during your move. You can also keep your clothes in your dresser and wrap your drawers in plastic wrap to save time in your move.

  1. Use Your Suitcases!

Don’t waste your space packing those bulky suitcases. Fill those suitcases with household belongings that are heavy. You can roll the suitcases where they need to go instead of lifting a heavy box and hurting your back.

  1. Use your blankets and clothes as packing paper

Don’t spend money on packing paper when you have items in your house that you can use to protect your fragile items. Wrap up dishes, glasses and other fragile items in your blankets and clothing to conserve space!

Our team of St. Louis movers hope these tips were helpful! If you still need packing supplies for your upcoming move, just give us a call.



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