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What exactly is bubble soccer, you ask? Well, the St. Louis community is about to find out. Bubble soccer is played just like regular soccer, except that players use their own bodies for bumping – in giant inflatable plastic bubbles. Your arms stay inside, so all you have at your defense are your legs and […]

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Yet another great reason why St. Louis movers will be finding themselves getting busier and busier – a study recently revealed that St. Louis is one of the top ten cities in the nation for recreation. In honor of July being National Park and Recreation Month, WalletHub has done a study of 2015’s Best & […]

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St. Louis is known for many things, but the city still has some events up its sleeve that will catch even the longest residents off-guard. After all, there are many reasons why St. Louis movers continue to help families turn this city into their home. Now, thanks to these three St. Louis events you didn’t […]

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One St. Louis woman has recently found a way to help sick kids feel better – by turning them into super heroes! Robyn Rosenberger, owner of Tiny Superheroes, makes superhero capes for children with disabilities and other illnesses, and it is catching the attention of St. Louis movers and news outlets alike. According to Rosenberger, […]

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