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As the nation saw a crisis in the economy, real estate, employment, and more in the past few years, the rebuilding efforts have been steady and slow to strengthen communities creating an overall strong country. Employment has been a big area where St Louis has grown. The region as a whole remains about 50,000 jobs, […]

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Good news for the St. Louis city area! The Home Depot says it will be hiring about 975 jobs in its 21 St. Louis-area locations as it prepares for spring, the company’s busiest selling season. We all know the value of having some work availability in the area, and the St. Louis movers encourage you […]

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A recent court ruling in St Louis city has found that tickets issued by red light cameras are no longer to be enforced. The decision comes more than two months after attorneys who represent two St. Louis women filed a petition to uphold a previous judgment to stop the red-light camera tickets. St. Louis officials […]

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The Butler Brothers building, which is one of downtown’s largest under-utilized buildings, might have a new purpose in the near future. St Louis Today has reported that the building will be redone as a residential apartment building, which would lead to dividing the eight story building into 342 separate apartment units. As well as the […]

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