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Today, the Board of Alderman voted to approve a bill regulating & allowing mobile food trucks to serve food in the Lake St. Louis area. The bill sat in limbo as naysayers tried to convince the board that food trucks would be detrimental to traditional restaurants. There was no existing ordinance on food trucks/trailers, so […]

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A number of positive statistics have been reported about St Louis and the state of Missouri. Lately, the St. Louis movers have seen some remarkable trends, such as: The value for Missouri’s bounty of farmland is growing Products exported by the state is up to record levels The impact of the real estate bubble is […]

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The real estate market seems to be going up in St. Louis. Statistics gathered from February to May show that St Louis rose 0.7 percent. While the prices are going up, they are still lower than they were last year for the same time period. According to findings by various firms, the prices seem to […]

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