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According to KPMG, LLP, a recent audit of 27 U.S. cities shows that St. Louis ranks seventh among the least expensive cities for doing business in the nation. The numbers were crunched based on facility leasing, transportation, property, taxes, electricity, and other categories that directly affect the outward expenses of a business. The number one […]

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Experts are predicting that St. Louis is having a big year–not just with residential sales, but also with corporate real estate. Those who are looking to come to St. Louis and buy or rent office/industrial space will benefit from the availability in St. Louis this year. The St. Louis movers are also excited to share […]

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The St. Louis metro area isn’t only garnering attention for the real estate sales in the region–but also for the employment field affiliated with the real estate industry. In fact, St. Louis is a strong market for the industry, with just under 3,000 real estate businesses in the city. The average employee makes about $38,500. […]

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According to a recent report by, the St. Louis metro area ranks at No. 10 among the top residential real estate markets in regards of investment purposes. As a region, St. Louis is over 11% more efficient at moving homes off of the real estate market, and prices are still falling. The median home […]

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