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Looking to move to the Midwest? The St Louis movers want to share a heck of a deal from Blu CitySpaces in downtown St. Louis. This holiday season, the complex is slashing unit prices up to 58% and also offering holiday value packages of up to $5,000. The $5,000 can easily cover moving expenses, furnishing, […]

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Currently, there is a trend sweeping many large metropolitan cities throughout the United States where renting is more expensive than owning a home. As time passes, this only proves to be more true. People looking to avoid the commitment of owning a home will certainly pay more on their landlord’s mortgage as rents are poised […]

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While foreclosures have seemingly permeated the national real estate in recent months (and years), new data shows that the month of October in St Louis showed a decline in foreclosures. Local foreclosures were down 9%, which equals 1,433 homes in the later stages of foreclosure. Compared to 2010? 41% less homes! Compared the the rest […]

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The tail end of 2011 is proving to be quite kind to the St Louis real estate market. Ever since July, monthly home sales have steadily risen–much to the liking of St Louis real estate professionals. At the same time, home prices over the last few months have declined. The St Louis movers are optimistic […]

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