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Downsizing can be wonderful. Whether you’re moving out of a big house to live on your own, or if the kids went off to college and you and your sweetheart no longer need 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a smaller house brings a more quaint and relaxing feel. Additionally, it means less rooms to clean, and less opportunities to create useless clutter.

There is, however, a challenge with moving into a smaller home: the packing process. Trying to decide how and where to fit all the items from a large home into a small home is a unique challenge.

First things first – Assess your new home. Determine how much room you have to bring your items with you. It is likely that you’ll have to get rid of a lot of stuff lying around your house. Take an inventory of everything you have, and determine what needs to go to your new house, and what isn’t-so-necessary anymore. Ask yourself if you’ve used the item within the last year, and if someone else could get better use out of it than you. Consider our climate controlled storage facilities in St. Louis to hold those extra antiques or other items you don’t have room for, but don’t want to get rid of just yet. We recommend donating or selling items that you have no use for, rather than throwing them out.

Tip: Be conscious of what you let into your home, as your environment shapes you. Not every room needs to be filled with items – try to keep some spaces clear and free of clutter. You’ll enjoy living in a smaller home with less items to worry about.



Regardless of how big or small your house is, the garage is undoubtedly the last room you want to tackle during the packing process. After years of piling up old junk, half-broken sports gear, dirty garden tools, and other forgotten items, it can be an overwhelming room to take-on.

Not to worry! All My Sons Moving & Storage offers garage packing solutions in St. Louis to make your move smooth and stress free. Our team of pro movers will pack up every item in your garage for you. That’s right – every item.

What’s included in our St. Louis packing services?

We bring the supplies

We’ll provide you with everything you need: boxes, protective padding, bubble wrap, labels, and more. You don’t have to worry about tracking down boxes large enough to carry your most oddly shaped items. We’ve got it all.

We pack everything

We mean everything. We’ll handle even the most difficult items, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We transport everything

We load everything onto our moving trucks and safely transport it to your new location.

We unload everything

Once we arrive at your new destination, we safely unload all your boxes / items, and we’ll even put them in their corresponding rooms to make unpacking easier.

We even help you unpack!

Finally, we’ll help you unpack. Our team of trusted movers will assist you in the unpacking process, to add an extra ease to your move.

When you’re ready to get your move done right, call All My Sons Moving & Storage. Let our team of St. Louis packers help you tackle even the most difficult rooms – even the garage.



Storage units are helpful for storing holiday decorations, out of season clothing, antiques, and other items you can’t seem to find room for in your home. But overall, storage units are especially helpful during a move. Think about it: A move requires a lot of work in a small amount of time, so why not prioritize what you really need to take with you, and what you can leave in a safely locked unit for a while? Instead of rushing to pack and move all sorts of unnecessary items, our St. Louis moving company suggests using climate controlled storage facilities from All My Sons Moving & Storage.

When you opt for climate controlled storage, you’re choosing to keep your items protected from the elements: no pests, no dust, no warping heat, or freezing cold will come in contact with your family photos or your grandfather clock.

Will you need packing supplies for your storage unit? The answer is simple: it helps.

Sure, you don’t NEED to put your family photos into a safe, sturdy box, or protect your fine china with bubble wrap and protective padding, but why not take the extra measure to ensure your items stay in perfect condition while you’re out completing other steps of your move?

All My Sons St. Louis packing company can provide you with anything and everything you need for each step of your move, including packing products for storage units. Call our moving coordinators today, and we’ll help you get set up.




The time has come to move your small business from one location to another. Perhaps you’ve found a better spot in the neighborhood, or if you’re lucky enough, your business is experiencing growth and you need a location to suit that growth. Either way, organization during a move is key. That’s why All My Sons moving company in St. Louis is here to help with a moving checklist for small businesses.

First: tell your employees! It helps to have everyone on board with a move, which results in more help during the process.

Second: let your customers know! You don’t want to put a ton of effort into moving, only to lose customers who had no idea you were relocating. At least a month prior to your move, try posting a sign or just letting each of your valued customers know about your new location, and when it will be opening.

Third: Obtain packing supplies. The right supplies can make your move smooth or miserable – so we suggest going with durable packing supplies. Our team of St. Louis movers have all the moving supplies you need: boxes, protective padding, bubble wrap, tape, labels, dollies, and of course moving trucks.

Forth: You can save yourself the hassle of packing and enlist our St. Louis packing company to do the job for you. If however you decide you want to DIY pack it, we suggest you pack similar items together, and label everything.

For more packing and moving tips, and for help with your move, call All My Sons Moving & Storage in St. Louis today.



When preparing for a move, one of the biggest tasks is how to safely protect your furniture from potential damages. You should always make sure to handle your furniture items with care when going through the moving process. There are basic packing products you should purchase to ensure your fragile items remain damage free after transit. Our St. Louis movers provide you with a guide on how to properly pack your furniture items to avoid headaches for your next move.

Packing Products

You will need to invest in specific packing products for the safety and protection of your furniture items. These supplies include basic packing products such as bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, and packaging tape. In addition to these items, you will need furniture pads and moving blankets. The thick layer of a furniture pad works great for protecting your belongings from damages and scratches. Our St. Louis movers suggest that you once you dismantle your furniture, you should individually wrap up each piece. Before you use the furniture pads and blankets, it’s important to clean your items to prevent dust from accumulating. You can either use plastic stretch wrap or packaging tape to secure the moving pad to the furniture item, which will completely cover any exposed areas.

You can purchase any of these basic packing products at your local hardware store or for a better price from a professional moving company such as All My Sons Moving & Storage. Contact our St. Louis movers today to learn more about our packing services and how we can handle your entire move!

Moving executives and their families during a corporate relocation still requires the same preparation that a residential move calls for. It’s important to execute a corporate move quickly and efficiently to get employees and their families adjusted to their new lifestyle right away, while keeping business productivity levels up. By having a strategic plan and staying organized throughout the entire process, you can guarantee to make your corporate moving experience a positive one. Here are fast packing tips to think about during your next corporate relocation from our St. Louis Corporate movers.

Pack Strategically

With a corporate move coming up, you may find that you won’t have a lot of time to pack up your entire house before starting a new job in another city. You should plan to pack an essentials box that includes items you will need on day one. When you arrive in your new home, you won’t have to search through all your items to find what you are looking for once the moving truck has unloaded all boxes. You will also be able to start to focus on transitioning into your new job right away. It’s important to stay organized with packing checklists to save you from stress when it comes to unpacking. Don’t forget to use labels! Try packing tips like throwing away or donating most items, so your items are easier to pack up, and unpack. Make sure to use our packing tips, like keeping all your clothes on hangers and tying trash bags around 15-20 hangers at a time for easy transit.

Our St. Louis corporate movers provides a variety of services to assist families and companies in preparing for a move and settling into their new homes. Our relocation specialists handle the entire move as well as provide ongoing support to all parties involved. Contact All My Sons today for a free, no obligation quote today!

If you are getting ready to move, the packing process can be very tiring. It’s important that you stay organized and that you design a strategic plan for each room in your home. What matters the most is that you prioritize your packing efforts, set up reasonable deadlines for their completion, and stay focused the whole time. Our St. Louis packing services offered at All My Sons Moving & Storage cover all packing and moving needs so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the process.

Start with rooms that are used the least

When it comes time to pack up your entire home, you should start with rooms that your family members do not spend a lot of time in. Your dining room and other areas with fragile and valuable items are probably not utilized often, so we suggest you begin your packing efforts here. You can then start to tackle your garage and attic since these areas probably do not contain essential items that you will need leading up to moving day.

Kitchen and Living Room

Now it’s time to start packing your kitchen and living room. You should go through your refrigerator and get rid of all expired food and items that won’t make it on the moving journey a couple days or weeks before the scheduled moving day. In your living room, try and pack your electronics in the original box they came in for the best protection, or check out our guide to packing electronics. Make sure to pack your furniture with moving pads as well.


Finally, you should pack up your bedroom. Naturally, this room contains the most essential items and it only makes sense to tackle this room last. With our St. Louis packing services, you can leave your clothing in your dressers and we’ll move them for you!

We hope this packing service guide helps you during your next move! Contact All My Sons today to learn more about our services.


If you are moving by yourself, you may not even realize that you can turn a lot of household items into packing products. Whether you forgot to purchase packing supplies or underestimated how much you would need, there are many ways to create homemade packing products. All My Sons Moving & Storage offers packing services in St. Louis if you wish to hire a moving company and we want to give you the best tips for utilizing items in your home that you would’ve never thought of.

Homemade Packing Paper

There are many useful alternatives to packing paper that you can find around your home that will be sure to keep your breakables safe from damage. You can use pillows for padding on the bottom of moving boxes and they work great if you don’t have bubble wrap. You can also turn towels into packing paper by separating plates and other items with towels to prevent chips and cracks. Wrap each item in a soft towel for protection. These homemade packing products will allow you to move with no stress and headaches.

Homemade Labels

Every moving box should have a label on it to maintain your sanity when it comes time to unpack. Instead of going to the store to purchase labels, you can easily print homemade labels from your computer. Your packing will be organized and uniformed this way and you won’t have to spend a dime on this supply. Of course, you can always find sharpies laying around your home to write directly on the moving boxes.

Contact All My Sons today to learn about our packing services in St. Louis! 

If you are planning a long-distance move, you need to purchase the proper packing supplies that will go a long way towards ensuring that your items stay undamaged throughout the long moving journey. Durable packing products are required for a move of this distance and your St. Louis long distance movers are here to guide you through selecting the proper moving products.

Moving Boxes

We suggest investing in heavy duty boxes rather than normal cardboard ones because they have thicker and reinforced walls that will guarantee protection for your items. These boxes are suitable for your valuable items such as electronics or appliances. Also, for long distance moves you want to purchase wardrobe boxes to make your life a lot easier when unpacking. These boxes come with a removable hanger bar allowing for easy transport and the reduction of wrinkled clothing after a long-period of time.

Furniture Pads

These thick and durable blankets work perfectly to cover furniture and appliances during a move. Furniture pads protect your items from damage and offer a shielded cushion for extra support. We suggest investing in high quality moving pads for extra durability and protection when it comes to your precious cargo. This durable packing product is a must have for long distance moving.

Packing Peanuts

This durable packing product works great during a long distance move to prevent damage to your items by cradling them and giving them added protection from all sides. This loose-filling packing material will keep your items safe throughout the whole moving process and is extremely durable.



Temporarily storing your items in a storage unit during the moving process can be a lifesaver. No matter the size or climate conditions of your storage unit, you will need the proper packing supplies for keeping your valuable items in top condition. When it comes to storage units in St. Louis, your St. Louis movers give you the 3 must have packing supplies that are essential for your moving journey.


Labeling each box that you want to store in the unit is so crucial for an efficient and stress-free moving experience. You will never remember where you specifically placed certain boxes even if the space is small, so you want to speed up the location process with labels. They will save you lots of time that you will need!

Moving blankets

Another must have packing supply for storage units is moving blankets. These blankets are used to cover furniture, glass, and other fragile items when in storage. This is a great solution for keeping your valuable items safe and secure if the climate conditions are not ideal in your unit. Dust accumulates very easily in storage units, so moving blankets are a great way to prevent extra dust and dirt from piling on items.

Heavy-duty bubble wrap

The last must have packing supply for your storage unit is heavy-duty bubble wrap. We suggest investing in heavy-duty wrap to ensure added protection for all your items. This wrap works best for valuables that are extremely fragile and can easily be broken. This will also be helpful for holding items in place while in storage.