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So you just moved to St. Louis and you want to know how to feel at home. It’s completely normal to feel a little homesick, but the sooner you feel at home the better. Here are a few tips from your favorite St. Louis movers.

Plants and Art

Inject some life into your new St. Louis home with plants and art. Buying a small potted plant can be very soothing. Putting art on the walls will give your house that cozy feeling and that’s the secret to how to feel at home: make it cozy!


If you are a dog, cat or bird person, think about adopting a pet. Check out our St. Louis mover’s tips for keeping your house clean with pets. If you are moving with pets, then be sure to find the right St. Louis movers who understand the challenges associated with situation.

Throw a Party

If the only interaction you’ve had with anyone in the past few days was with the St. Louis movers, then perhaps it’s time to get social. Throw a house warming party and start making some new memories in your new place.

Find a Local Treat

Get out and explore St. Louis. Find a local restaurant that you like and a place that sells really good dessert. You can also ask your neighbors for restaurant recommendations and get to know the people who live around you. When you immerse yourself in your surroundings you’ll begin to feel at home in your new city!

Buying a house in St. Louis is a lot more complicated than choosing a St. Louis moving company. The good news is that if you are moving to St. Louis you are going to discover that homes in the area are cheaper than most other parts of the United States.

Here are some of the facts and statistics you should know before buying a house in St. Louis:

44% of homes in St. Louis are owned by the occupants.
Homes in St. Louis cost an average of $120,000.
Most residents are between the ages of 26 and 36 years old.

Those statistics make the idea of buying a house in St. Louis very tempting don’t they? Well there’s more, so before you call up that St. Louis moving company and rush down here, take a look at some of the other benefits of living in St. Louis.

The cost of living is 10% lower than national average.
The weather is fantastic! voted St. Louis the number 1 city for liberals to live in 2016.

And here are the top 5 neighborhoods in St. Louis:

1. Peabody-Darst-Webbe
2. The Hill
3. North Hampton
4. Lindenwood Park
5. Lafayette Square

Whether or not you use this advice when buying a house in St. Louis, we hope that you’ll consider calling the best St. Louis moving company in town: All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Have you ever seen that huge, arched structure over the Mississippi River and wondered what it was? That is the famous St. Louis Gateway Arch; a celebrated monument and the pride of St. Louis. If you are relocating to Missouri, your local St. Louis movers have some fun facts for you to impress your family and friends on the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

The St. Louis Gateway Arch was built as a tribute to Thomas Jefferson and the role that St. Louis played in the United States westward expansion.

It was designed in 1947 by award winning architect Eero Saarinen.

Construction of the Arch started February 12, 1963.

The Arch reaches 630 feet high. That equates to 63 stories and 7,560 inches tall!

The structure weighs 43,226 pounds.

The two base legs of the arch are 54 feet wide, and are 630 feet apart.

The Arch is made up entirely of stainless steel and concrete, which costed over $13,000,000 to build.

A tram system carries visitors to the observation area, but if you are in the mood to climb, there are 1,076 steps to the top. A complete trip to the top and back down takes roughly 45 minutes.

It has an observation deck that can hold up to 160 people at a time.

The Arch is designed to withstand an earthquake. It was designed to be able to sway up to 18 inches, though it never sways that much.

On a clear day, local St. Louis movers claim that the view at the top can extend to 30 miles of visibility.

The Arch illuminates for special events and causes. Local St. Louis movers enjoy it the most when the Arch illuminates pink for breast cancer awareness.

Make the St. Louis Gateway Arch your first stop when you move to the city of St. Louis. The best time to visit is during the evenings in the summer time. The weather conditions are perfect; they are not too hot and not too cold. Crowds are not as big in August and September, as kids are heading back to school. If you do not mind a bit of chilly weather, check out the Arch during wintertime. Local St. Louis movers claim the lines will be short and there will be little to no waiting to explore the St. Louis Gateway Arch.

You are moving to a new city and starting a new life, so it is time for a new you! Kick your bad habits and leave them in your old town before moving to St. Louis. All My Sons Moving & Storage want to help you start off right when moving to St Louis. Get rid of those bad habits in your life for guaranteed success in your new city.

13 Personal, Home, and Lifestyle Habits to Get Rid of Now:

  1. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. Start off your new life after moving to St. Louis on a healthy note.
  1. Skipping breakfast. Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day for a reason! It kick starts your day with a positive boost of energy.
  1. Over spending. Keep a tight household budget, not only to keep from overspending, but to also help save money after moving to St. Louis.
  1. Staying up late for no good reason. Sleep is important. Take advantage of it!
  1. Spending too much time on the couch. You will be in a new city, get off the couch, get out, meet new people, and explore!
  1. Shopping without a list. This is a sure way to waste money. Do not go to the store without knowing what you are there for.
  1. Not washing sheets and towels as frequently as you should. Stay cleanly by regularly throwing fabrics that are used daily into the washer.
  1. Neglecting filters. They are easy to forget, but it is crucial for your health and safety to regularly change your AC and water filters after moving to St. Louis.
  1. Leaving dishes in the sink, or letting the trash pile up. This not only looks bad, but also starts attracting bugs. Take care of them right away.
  1. Leaving lights on after you leave a room. This racks up your electric bill. Why are you spending more money than you need to?

Did you know that one of the best ways to get to know your new hometown after moving to St. Louis is to go where all the locals are? Well, you’re in luck, because one of the biggest fall events is right around the corner.

Make sure you are finished moving to St. Louis by this September 1st because the Feast 50 Awards are having their annual Meet the Makers Party. From 6 to 9 pm at the Roth Living Showroom at 2260 Ball Drive, St. Louis, sip and sample from your favorite restaurants, breweries, wineries, and more while you experience live cooking demonstrations from winners of the Feast 50 Awards.

But why should this be one of the first parties you head to after moving to St. Louis? To start, the Feast 50 Awards Meet the Makers Party will have all the winners in one place, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the best that St. Louis has to offer all in one room.

Snacks and drinks will be provided by:

4 Hands Brewing Co.

Chandler Hill Vineyards

Chaumette Vineyards & Winery


Kakao Chocolate

Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Pappy’s Smokehouse

Pint Size Bakery

Planter’s House

Sarah’s Cake Shop


Seoul Taco

Square One Brewery & Distillery (Spirits of St. Louis)

Sugarfire Smoke House

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.

Vincent Van Doughnut


Live cooking demos will be provided by:

Bolyard’s Meat & Provisions

Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria

La Patisserie Chouquette

Mission Taco Joint

Niche Food Group

Olive & Oak

Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co.

Sidney Street Café

If there is one thing we have learned after moving families to St. Louis for over 25 years, it is that kids get bored. Really bored.

Considering the fact that moving to St. Louis is not exactly the most exciting thing in the world, your kids will need an outlet for all that pent up energy they have building up. When planning where to go, why not use their as an opportunity to show your kids why living in St. Louis is going to be so exciting?

Entertain your children while simultaneously enlightening them with this guide to the top three St. Louis museums.

1. City Museum. Voted one of the best St. Louis museums for kids, plan a day at City Museum. Between the funhouse, children’s playground, and surrealistic pavilion, your family will be entertained for the whole day.

2. Louis Car Museum. Providing motorcars, motorcycles, and airplanes to the local community since 1994, this is one of the best St. Louis museums to take any car-fanatics in your family. Once they get a glimpse of the 1956 Packard or the 1967 Chevrolet, they will realize how awesome living in St. Louis is.

3. St. Louis Art Museum. Are you looking for the perfect place to educate your kids while keeping them engaged as well? Then look no further, because the St. Louis Art Museum has everything you are looking for. With contemporary and modern art, large-scale prints, and a sculpture garden, their 225-piece collection makes them one of the best St. Louis museums.

It was recently announced that the development of a $45 million and one million gallon St. Louis aquarium is planned for Union Station.

For those who are moving to St. Louis, then get excited to have access to a half million-gallon shark tank any time you want. The opening of the shark tank at the new St. Louis Aquarium will make this the largest collection of sharks in the Midwest.

Set to break ground next month, the proposed project also includes hotel rooms, entertainment, light shows, a fire show, and a 3D experience. Aside from a St. Louis aquarium, plans are also set to build a 200-foot Ferris Wheel and to restore the historic train shed.

Continuation of the Union Station expansion is designed to capitalize on the recent opening and success of the Grand Hall laser light show and specialty train excursions. This is extremely exciting for those moving to St. Louis; attractions such as the Ferris Wheel will have 42 enclosed gondolas and rise 200 feet above Centennial Park, and thus provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity to view the city.

According to Bob O’Loughlin, owner of the St. Louis Union Station, “The St. Louis Aquarium will anchor the development that will transform St. Louis Union Station and reposition it as a family attraction destination similar to Chicago’s Navy Pier.”

The St. Louis Aquarium will be open 365 days a year from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., so grab your family after moving to St. Louis and head on over!

Want to know what the best part is about moving to St. Louis? Getting to try all the delicious food this city has to offer.

With a diverse and ever-changing dining scene, choosing where to make reservations first can become a daunting task in and of itself. Luckily, you have your St. Louis movers here to make things a little easier for you.

Check out this guide from All My Sons Moving & Storage of how to eat like a St. Louis local, and get ready to give your taste buds a treat!

Broadway Oyster Bar. Do you like live music, any day of the week? How about delicious Creole cuisine? Then make like a St. Louis local and head to Broadway Oyster Bar. Voted one of the best restaurants in America (that’s right, in the entire country), you don’t want to miss out on their fried alligator, boiled crawfish appetizers, and oyster medley.

The Crossing. If you are looking to branch out after moving to St. Louis, then The Crossing is for you. Inspired by the culinary trends of Italy and France, get ready to try fusion dishes consisting of vegetables, seafood, and meats. Some of the menu highlights include Moroccan-spiced lamb loin, yellow tuna parsnips, and Spanish octopus and foie gras.

Niche. In order to truly eat like a St. Louis local, make reservations at Niche; specializing in classic new-American cuisine with a contemporary twist, this is one of the best restaurants to go to after moving to St. Louis because it allows you to truly get a taste of Missouri. If you have never tried zucchini soup, quail with the eggplant, or red snapper with celery root, then Niche needs to be the next place you have dinner.

You likely know the meaning of the word vacation, and there’s a good chance you have just taken one or are in need of one before the summer is over. However, if you have recently moved to St. Louis, how about a St. Louis staycation? A staycation is similar to a vacation in most regards except one of course; you don’t leave your city!

In the Wallethub poll for best cities for staycations taken earlier this month, St. Louis ranked number 14. That means that locals have more fun in their own backyard than they would in almost all other U.S. cities. Local St. Louis moving companies understand the need for rest after a long move, so turn that next vacation into a staycation in our beautiful city!

The poll may have ranked St. Louis 14 overall, but for food, drinks, and entertainment, St. Louis ranked number 3! Plus, we have some historic and iconic sights to see!

St. Louis moving companies favorite the iconic St. Louis Arch! A towering beauty that covers the end of the city in awe, it is a perfect staycation activity for the family to do after moving to St. Louis.

Then, there’s the great music scene. Book a hotel in the city and spend a few days seeing it from a different perspective. You will discover parts of your new hometown that you never knew existed! St. Louis moving companies want to make sure that you have fun after moving to our amazing city, so turn your next vacation into a St. Louis staycation and fall in love with the city!

Big news for St. Louis! The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency has decided to build its new corporate offices in St. Louis. The estimated price to construct the NGA West corporate office is roughly $1.75 billion. All My Sons Moving & Storage St. Louis wants to be the first to welcome the NGA West office to our city! As local St. Louis commercial movers, All My Sons is thrilled to move office buildings and welcome new ones that will bring more jobs to St. Louis.

The NGA director, Robert Cardillo, confirmed that the agency will make every effort to connect with the St. Louis community by partnering with local schools and creating a campus that is integrated with the local area. The NGA West will house 3,100 employees!

This facility won’t be the typical corporate office in St. Louis that most are used to seeing. This facility, often referred to as a campus, will span a large amount of the downtown St. Louis landscape and is planned to be a 21st century take that would blow other agency campuses out of the water.

The NGA is responsible for providing the Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence community with up-to-date information regarding human activity and physical geography all over the world, to ensure that America’s interests are secured.

St. Louis commercial movers welcome the new addition to our beautiful city and to the 3,100 employees the office will house.